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Specialist Clothing Repair Services for Retail and Corporate Clients


Here at Ready to Retail, we recognise that faults and issues can occur during the clothing manufacturing process that can leave stock damaged and unsuitable for retail. If your garments failed their quality inspection checks, have manufacturing faults or were damaged whilst in storage, we are here for you.


Faulty clothing stock can lead to all manner of problems, from financial loss to damaged consumer confidence. You may feel that you have to replace any faulty stock outright, however this is not always the case. We offer a prompt, professional clothing repair service and in the majority of cases can restore your apparel to saleable condition.


Cost-effective Apparel Repair Services


When you factor in the costs of having faulty apparel shredded and recycled, manufacturing brand new stock and any additional logistics, rectifying manufacturing issues can be an expensive process for any clothing business.


If you want to avoid these unnecessary expenditures and salvage your apparel, Ready for Retail is the company to call!


We’ll tackle your apparel repair issues head-on, rectifying any design or quality issues and saving your stock from the bin. We can make any necessary alterations so that your stock matches the required specification.


Our experienced team can lend their skills to virtually any apparel repair requirement. We have the right personnel and on-site facilities to ensure your apparel is finished and repaired to a high standard, ready for sale.


Unparalleled Experience in Garment Repair


When a high percentage of garments in a batch are rejected, our time-served seamstresses can restore them to the required standard.


Further to our garment repair services, we can also re-brand or de-brand your stock, inspect your garments, produce quality control reports and run your stock through our metal detection machinery, ensuring it is completely safe to go on sale.


Our skilled operatives have delivered professional garment processing and repair work for leading fashion retailers such as Next, and Missguided. So, if you have faulty or damaged garments at your factory, why not get in touch to find out how we can assist you?


Call our team on 01942 807321 today to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, fill out our Contact Form and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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