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High-Quality Garment Tagging

Customer compliance is key and is a growing concern due to the penalties attached to none conformant orders.

We can tag, label, kimbal any garment tagging, any quantity. We offer a printing service and can supply most EAN/Barcode formats.

Any size or shape label you require then please enquire and we will do what we can to help. We have experience in garment tagging, labelling and moving large volumes over short periods of time.

We also offer boxending and ratio pack labels. Pallet labels are also available on request. The majority of our clients forward us the End user manual and leave us to the rest.

Why Is Garment Tagging Needed?

There are many reasons why garment tagging is needed on your clothing items. One of the most important reasons is to comply with government and consumer standards. For example, If you’re looking to ship or export clothing out of the country, then the items have to fit certain requirements that can be met in the form of a label or tag. But, don’t worry about this as we can deal with the whole process for you.

Garment tagging on your clothing is also essential for added customer information and usage. For example, consumers want to know the origin, the materials and whether or not the material is Eco-friendly. You can put them at ease here with garment tagging as it will simply, but effectively, explain everything to them. Tags and labels show complete transparency from you to your customer which enhances your credibility, trust and reputation. 

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