Garment Steaming 

Are you looking for exceptional garment steaming by professionals who know exactly what they’re doing? If so, look no further than R4R. Maybe your clothing delivery arrived creased or you’ve a batch of garments that need professionally steaming? Our professional Garment steaming service can solve your problems. 

At Ready For Retail, we have a dedicated garment steaming area with Hoffman Steam Equipment which can cater for high volumes and technical fabrics. There’s no reason to put up with wrinkled garments with our stellar steaming service.

Once professionally steamed by our experienced team, we safely store your garments until collection or delivery. We pride ourselves on ensuring your garments arrive to you in pristine condition. We can also offer hanging transport if required.

If you’re contemplating garment steaming, here are a few  reasons why you should definitely go ahead:

  • Kills Odor Causing Bacteria – By choosing for your clothing to be garment steamed, you’ll be able to keep clothing fresh between washes, therefore increasing the value and price tag. Although this service is predominantly used on clothing, it’s also viable for pillows, upholstery and mattresses. 
  • Removes Wrinkles – To prevent clothing from becoming old-looking and ragged, steaming is the perfect preventative approach. By steaming your clothes, it helps relaxes the fabric and helps to take your clothes back to its most natural, simplest form.
  • Chemical Free – Unlike ironing, steaming is one of the most natural ways for cleaning clothing. Steaming consists of heating up water and therefore it’s a non-polluting process that has no negative affects on the environment or clothing. 

There are many benefits to using garment steaming rather than using a standard iron. Here at R4R, we can use our specialist steaming service to help put your clothes in pristine condition. The benefits to garment steaming are:

  • Gentler on Clothes 
  • Fresh For Longer
  • Easier Ironing

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