Garment Re-Branding

There’s many reasons why an apparel company might require garment re-branding . Perhaps your brand wants to deliver a new message to consumers, has undergone a complete name change or maybe the logo has been redesigned therefore all existing garments need to be re-branded with a new woven label sporting the latest logo. Whatever the reason, we’re here to help.

With garment re-branding becoming ever more popular, Ready For Retail have a skilled team in place who can carefully strip and de-brand your garments leaving a blank canvas. New badges, branding, labels and new trims can then be applied to the highest standard.

Your garments can be re-branded as per your requirements, whether it’s a replacement of the branded labels at the neck or a full re-branding of various labels, badges and trims on the garment.

Our skilled sewing team will give your garments a straight from the factory look with a new lease of life. We also offer a gold seal service on request. The sample is our agreement to you of the standard you can expect from us and a guarantee of our professional workmanship.


Garment Rebranding - Label Replacement
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