Kimballing and Barcoding

Clothing Tagging and Labelling

Garment Barcoding

Before a garment can go on sale, information regarding size, colour and price, along with the barcode so that clothing can be scanned by the company or the retailer, needs to be applied.

Ready For Retail are able to meet your tagging requirements, i.e., size specific labels, re-ratio, sort to solid size, re-box into specified cartons, etc. We can also supply barcodes and stock high levels of kimballs in various colours and sizes.

Incorrect information like sizing, colours and product can cause major issues for the end user/retailer/wholesaler. Using our dedicated service, we can apply new swingers, labels, barcoded tags, box ends and re-configure box ends for our clients. We can also add new branded swingers or remove existing ones if required and debrand.

We supply all length, colours of kimbal sticks and different sizes of labels and apply many varieties of barcode formats to accommodate most European countries.

Our experienced, diligent team can handle bulk processing of garments to apply, change or remove labels for clothing whether it’s swing tags or adhesive labels.

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