Clothing picked by attributes at ratios specified by you

Garment Picking

If you decide to have your garments stored at our facility for logistical purposes, Ready For Retail can offer a variety of picking services.

When your clothing arrives at our warehouse, we can bulk book in stock to ensure all products are present as indicated on the packing notes.

All apparel will then be stored in our temperature controlled warehouse. Garments such as formal wear, costumes and other outfits are stored hanging in protective bags so as not to crease the clothing.

We can sort and pick your garments to package them by colour, size or any other attribute at ratios specified by your company. These can then be packaged up or grouped together with packing notes produced, ready to ship to the end retailer.

For more information on our garment picking and clothing distribution services, contact Ready For Retail today.

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clothing picking
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