Garment Labels

Garment Labels

Here at R4R, we provide bulk garment labels in the UK to help emphasise your brand message, add a professional finish to your clothing items and meet regulations. At R4R, we realise that it’s not a one size fits all when it comes to garment and clothing labels. That’s why we offer a variety of different options for you to choose from such as woven labels, printed labels and printed hem tags. Your choice purely depends on the aesthetic look and appearance it is that you want to achieve.

Whatever type of garment labels you’re looking for, our team can help. Garment labels UK are the ”go to” for a lot of potential customers looking for instant information about your brand, where materials have been sourced from and the size. Here are a few characteristics of garment labels that we ensure we’ll get right for your bulk order at R4R:

  • Material – Our team are always looking for environmentally friendly and sustainable materials to use for clothing labels such as organic cotton or wool. We also find that these type of materials react best in the wash and provide a quality finish to your clothing items. With more and more customers caring about buying decisions and impact it has on the environment, it’s an all round great strategy to use environmentally friendly materials.


  • Care Instructions – At R4R, we’ll also provide imperative and essential care instructions for the customer. This will enable longevity and is an excellent brand touch that shows you care. On the garment label, we can include important messages such as ”dry clean only” and ”stain resistant”. Not only does this help the consumer but it also helps cover you legally in case of any backlash.


  • Brand Message – Have you got a short mission statement or brand slogan that you want to share with the world and your consumers? If so, we can integrate this message and include it on your label. Clothing labels are a great place for consumers to quickly learn a bit about your brand. For example, if you donate a percentage of revenue to charitable causes, you’re going to want to tell consumers about this as it’s a great unique selling point.


If you’re looking for a reliable, dependable and dedicated team that can produce and deliver garment or clothing labels for bulk orders, get in touch with our team at R4R today. You can reach our team now by calling us on 01942 807 321. If you prefer, you can also use our online contact form and send us your email enquiry!

Garment labels UK
R4R Garment Labels UK
Clothing Label Removal

Clothing Label Removal

All our machinists are skilled and motivated to work to a high standard and will work to your specifications – and this is no different when it comes to clothing label removals.

In order to remove the branded labels on wholesale garments that come with screen prints, customers sometimes request a tag removal service. Some branded tags cannot be removed completely, so R4R can only fully remove those that cannot be removed. We often proceed with cutting the label to make it smaller and more difficult to detect, or we can undo the stitching, remove the tag & sew it back up.


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